Mindful Moon Community

Being an entrepreneur, full time professional and multi passionate yogi- having my practice be malleable and flexible to my schedule was of high priority. Where I traveled, I took my mat. In between schedules, I focused on my breath. Before a new client, I energetically cleansed my space. From these small habits, the idea to help others  thrive through mindfulness came to be. I often longed for yoga classes that were convenient to my schedule, shorter or longer depending on the flow of the day. Pre-recorded videos were great, but it lacked the accountability and engagement I got from a live teacher.

Practice Yoga
Anytime, Anywhere.

Here we  aim to remind you to take time for yourself. Schedule a private session in the convenience of your home, your schedule, your needs.  I know how busy and overwhelming wearing many hats can get, so creating this space serves a higher purpose. I help you take care of yourself, so you can then show up as your best self for your clients and loved ones. Do you see the ripple effects? With each class you choose to not only love yourself but others as well.

Gather in Community

Our community classes are an ongoing anchor that will grow with the seasons. For now, they happen about once a month, usually around new or full moon. Think of them as gatherings for other women looking for the same thing as you- connection, inspiration, and support to keep showing up. We will share and move with mindfulness practices that you can use in your everyday life, business and personal journey.