• Ms. Keyla

Mindful Brain Breaks- especially - when its busy!

As the holidays roll around, things tend to get a little busier. Don’t beat yourself up over not keeping up with self-care or working a little later than usual. Instead try to give yourself smaller pauses in between your day. Try out Mindful Brain Breaks!

If you’re a teacher, you can try:

· Pausing mindfully before/after a lesson with a short breath work

· Set an intention with your students at the beginning of the day

· Set a timer for 2 minutes of mindful breathing (alone or with your class)

If you’re a parent, you can try:

· Practicing a mindful breath before homework or dinner

· Reading a mindful book before bed

· Mindful movement before waking the kiddos up for the day

If you’re a human ;) you can try:

· Putting your phone away while you eat

· Taking 3 deep full breaths before you go to bed

· Going for a walk/run just because

Practicing mindful pausing gives our brains the space it needs to regulate, to feel, to process and respond. The constant input, be it through learning in school, work emails or play dates desensitizes the part of us that allows us to be fully present for the ones that truly love us most! So… give it a try, what do you have to gain?

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