• Ms. Keyla

How to start your day off MINDFUL in the classroom!

How we start our mornings often sets precedent for how the rest of our day will flow. The same can be said about the school year. Have you ever noticed how students and teachers alike, prepare meticulously for the first day? We all do this because we all want to “start off on the right foot.” What if we all started doing this daily with mindfulness?

Recent research shows that mindfulness can help students voluntarily regulate their emotions. It has been proven that there is greater activation in the prefrontal cortex, better modulation in the amygdala and can also lower cortisol levels in the body.

What does all this mean for us teachers?

Students gain tools to critically think through big emotions, hard math problems and embrace other people’s perspectives while still respecting their own. This isn’t something that is innate in us; it has to be taught.

Starting off our day with mindfulness as a community sets the stage for effective learning throughout their busy day. Top Forbes moguls often mention that the secret to success is their morning routine. Why aren’t we teaching this to our students now, at a young age?

Most of August we talked about Mindful Morning Routines or Meetings as I called them in my classroom.

A simple Mindful Morning Routine might look something like this:

· Opening signal (a high five passed around)

· Run-down the schedule for the day

· Mindful Activity *sign up to my email list for free activities every month!*

· Closing signal

Will you be trying Mindful Morning Meetings during the school year? Do you have ideas for other teachers to use? Do tell :)

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